Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Basketball picks & Sports picksJune 7, 2007

The 2007 NBA Finals begin today and the two teams representing the NBA couldn’t be more different. The Spurs are the veteran no flash, all business representative of the Western Conference. From the East we have “The King” and his court of knavish, youthful ballers. So when it is all said and done, who will hoist the trophy and who will go home empty handed? Can the Cavaliers finally cast off the close-but-no-cigar reputation that has put Cleveland near the top of championship-starved cities? The Cavaliers have a chance but in all reality, this is not their year.  On paper, predicting this season’s champion couldn’t be any easier. Sure LeBron James has gotten to the NBA finals faster than almost every other superstar in the league’s history – even faster than his “ariness.” But will LeBron’s youthful exuberance be enough to stop the Spurs in their quest to become one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history? Continue reading