Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Sports picksJune 3, 2007

Celebrities and athletes know how to live The Life. They hang out with movie starts and date supermodels. They own their own record labels and boy do they know how to bling!

From exotic sports cars to lavish luxury digs drawing the line between athlete and celebrity is often blurred. But for all the extravagancies, entourages and illicit stripper-filled liaisons north of the border, perhaps our athletes need to look to the land down under for a lesson in real celebrity acquisitions.

Australian actors Russell Crowe and Anthony LaPaglia have announced that they are going to build a stadium for Crowe’s Rugby team and Lapaglia’s soccer team  – ahem, football squad. The teams currently do not have a home field of their own and plan to share the facility between the two clubs. In addition to a 25,000 seat stadium the project would also include adjacent practice facilities.

Now talk about who’s dropping some serious coin.

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