May 2007

Football picksMay 28, 2007

Over the weekend a confidential informant appeared on ESPN to talk about Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and his involvement in illegal dog fighting. If what he says is true, the members of the betting community should be outraged. While making football picks is ok, picking dogs in this “sport” is not. Earlier this month Virginia police raided a house owned by Vick where authorities seized evidence and dog-fighting paraphernalia. Since then Vick has maintained his innocence and has blamed a relative for housing and participating in this barbaric activity. Dog fighting is horrible. Plain and simple. The acts carried out in these “rings” are some of the most horrifying and cruel events I have ever witnessed.   I am an animal lover and find it despicable when these animals are lead to slaughter. These fights can last up to 2 hours as these animals claw, scratch and bite at the necks and faces of the other dog. The fight is only over when one dog so thoroughly hurts the other that death and permanent injury are more-than-likely outcomes.  

Not only does the damage to these animals take place in the rings but a dog that competes in one of these events is psychologically damaged as well. In order to compete in these to-the-death matches a dog is trained as a vicious killer, to attack on command – a deadly weapon on a hair trigger. To accomplish this, a dog and often times it is a Pit Bull Terrier, will live in harsh conditions, endure beatings to get the killer instinct these barbarian’s desire. So what happens to these dogs when their fighting days are over?

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Baseball picksMay 9, 2007

Here we are barely two months into the baseball season and Barry Bonds is hotter than the Fourth of July! Our MLB picks are on fire too as we have racked up over 50 units of profit already! At this pace he is projected to hit six million homeruns.  I used to believe in Sasquatch, the Tooth Fairy, Nessie and the Easter Bunny too. Then I grew up, started watching the X-Files and discovered conspiracy theories.  I used to believe in an athlete’s integrity. Then there was Barry Bonds. Barry popped-out homerun no. 745 last night against the Mets and Tom Glavine. The moon shot gave the Giants their only run of the game and was Barry’s 11th jack of the season. The embattled Giant’s slugger is on the verge of breaking the most hallowed record in all of sports and for better or worse he’s gonna get it  sooner or later. But did anyone think that he would get it this soon?  Sure Barry has said that his knees feel great, his back is loose again and that he has found his swing earlier that expected. But c’mon, eight weeks into the season and he is only 10 homers shy of the record? 

I mean opposing pitchers are serving up more meatballs than a Fazoli’s drive-thru.

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Basketball picksMay 4, 2007

In the biggest upset of this year’s NBA season, playoffs and dare we say NBA picks history, the Golden State Warriors knocked-off the defending Conference Champion and No.1 seed Dallas Mavericks 111-86, last night in Game 6 of the opening round of the NBA Playoffs. Dallas was our top-ranked team in our end-of-season NBA Power Rankings. Was this stunning beatdown by the Warriors a classic underdog’s tale or the the failure of the incumbent juggernaut to live up to expectations? And what to make of the face of the Dallas franchise and MVP frontrunner Dirk Nowitzki and his flaccid performance in last night’s game? Read on to hear our take!

Golden State’s win marks the first time in the history of the Association where a No. 8 seed has eliminated a No. 1 seed in a seven-game series. In the final game, Golden State’s Baron Davis displayed the true grit that only John Wayne could appreciate, leaving the game with a hamstring injury only to return to score 20 points to help his underdog team to victory. 

Davis’s teammate Stephen Jackson was the perfect compliment leading the team with 30 points including seven three-pointers in last night’s Game 6. Andris Biedrins was a man possessed blocking shots, dunking and rebounding to help the Warriors pull away down the stretch. 

There was also the saga of ousted Dallas coach Don Nelson, who was unceremoniously removed as the Mavs head coach after resurrecting the team from the ashes. Nelson “resigned” just 64 games into the 2004-05 campaign after much publicized friction with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Nelson was then hired by the Warriors in the off season to help do what he did for the Mavs, this time for the Warriors. The second- winningest coach in NBA history took his show on the road and helped guide the Warriors to their monumental win over the Dallas franchise – a little roundball karma? Continue reading