April 2007

Sports picksApril 23, 2007

I have often said that talking sports is the great equalizer. In any situation, any stranger becomes a friend when you talk about sports.

I grew up with my grandparents and as I entered my late teens, I felt a serious generation gap forming between my grandfather and me. We often felt like aside from heritage we had nothing in common.

He was a member of the Greatest Generation. I was a member of Generation X. He got his haircut by the same barber for 30 years. I had blue hair. Yet despite all of our differences, we could always talk on Sundays.

There was always football talk to bridge the gap. There was always baseball talk to break the ice. Now there’s football talk to bring him back.

I will never forget the look on his smiling face when the Broncos finally won their first Super Bowl. I will never forget the times when he would shout “damn it, Elway,” and throw his faded Broncos baseball cap to the ground from his easy chair when John would throw a bad pass, and believe me I heard it a lot.

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Football picksApril 11, 2007

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made a statement.   The commish came down hard on embattled stars Adam “Pacman,” Jones of the Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals wide-receiver Chris Henry. Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 season and Henry was suspended for the first eight games of the season.The length of the suspensions handed-down by commissioner Goodell were unprecedented for off-the-field conduct not involving a violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. Henry received the lesser of the suspensions for his four arrests in only 14 months. Henry’s charges include possession of a concealed firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm, DUI and providing alcohol to minors. Jones was suspended for having at least 10 run-ins with the law in just two short years in the league. The final straw for Jones may have come last month when Las Vegas Police recommended both felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from an altercation at a Las Vegas strip club that lead to a fight and a shooting that left one man paralyzed. Continue reading


Hockey picksApril 11, 2007

Eastern Conference

The last three Stanley Cups have come from the Eastern Conference. Can they do it again? We will see. And we will of course have a slew of NHL picks during the playoffs. “Sid the kid,” is the youngest scoring champion in sports history at the young ripe age of 19, will go up against a great team in the Ottawa Senators. This is probably the highest scoring of the four other Eastern Conference series and its going to be a blast to watch. Watch out for the Tampa Bay Lighting taking on New Jersey. Lecavalier can take over a series but Brodeur can shut you down. If Tampa can overcome having a rookie (Johan Holmqvist) start in net they may upset the No. 2 seed in the East. Did somebody say Buffalo? Tied for the most points in the league this season with 113, you had better mention Buffalo. Our pick from the Eastern Conference will come from the high scoring Sabres, watch out they may just sweep this first series. Last but not least the Thrashers go up against the Rangers. Let’s go RANGERS! Ok, ok no picking sides here but who doesn’t love Ranger’s playoff hockey? Come on now! The Rangers have their hands full in Hossa and Kovalchuk. But who knows, maybe Brenda (I’ve always wanted to say that) Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr could pull out a series win.

Western Conference

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Basketball picksApril 4, 2007

With the college hoops campaign finished for the year, the Florida Gators taking the championship glory on Monday night, it is now time to shift focus to the big leagues. The NBA draft is upon us all, with June 28 being the day where college boys become NBA men. There is much speculation about who will be picked in the draft along with other truths and rumors, but the thought on everyone’s minds is not what, but who. 

All of the names you’ve been hearing throughout March Madness have one foot in the door to be eligible for the draft. Players like Kevin Durant, Joakim Noah and Greg Oden spring to mind, with Roy Hibbert and others on a 50/50 stance. Word around Boston is that if they had No. 1 and No. 2 picks, they would go for Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, in that same order… anything lower and they’ll be forced to shop around. The Celtics

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Sports picksApril 4, 2007

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Sports picksApril 4, 2007

Barry Zito, of the Oakland Athletics, owned the fourth-slowest fastball in the American League last year. At 85.8 MPH, it’s nothing to write home about; nonetheless, this past December, the San Francisco Giants signed him to what has become the biggest deal in baseball history for a pitcher: $126 million for 7 years.

Zito is the countercurrent to the fastball culture baseball enthusiasts bask in today.

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