Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Sports picksDecember 14, 2006


Mixed Martial Arts, “ultimate fighting,” “cage fighting,” or whatever you want to call it – is no longer a dirty little secret.

MMA (official term), has exploded into the mainstream and can no longer be ignored. Gone are the days when the competition prompted US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), to call the sport “human cockfighting.”

There is no longer a television ban on the sport for violent content. Promoters have stopped moving from state-to-state to avoid regulation by athletic commissions – to embrace rule changes and sanctioning.

MMA integrates different fighting styles like kick boxing, wrestling and karate into one seamless form.

The brand name “Ultimate fighting,” made is American debut in Denver, Colorado in 1993, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It was touted by its owners, SEG Entertainment, as having no rules, weight classes or time limits and fights were contested inside an eight-sided chain-link cage. Martial arts masters thrust themselves into combat to try and answer the age-old question of which martial art was the best.

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