Baseball picksApril 1, 2006

MLB Odds on Rogers Clemens Return to Major League Baseball

Odds on Roger Clemens Return to MLB:

(Costa Rica, May 4, 2006), one of the Internet’s largest betting sites known for its offering of odds for the hottest issues surrounding the news media (especially sports), posted odds today offering bettors a chance to predict which Major League Baseball team Roger Clemens will return to this season.

“Bettors flock to our site when they hear of these types of ‘proposition bets’ in which outcomes of certain sports issues can be predicted,” says Dave Johnson, CEO of He adds, “The Clemens negotiations are heating up, and we want to be part of the excitement.”

Clemens’ is speaking with the Astros, Yankees, Rangers and Red Sox and negotiations can go either way since there are positive and negative aspects for joining each of these teams. He could join the Yankees with a strong chance of making the playoffs this year and be far from his home and family, or join the Astros and be 20 minutes from his house, yet risk the possibility of not making the playoffs. The posted odds are as follows:

Yankees 1:2 -200 (Bet $200 to win $100)

Red Sox 1:1 +100 (Bet $100 to win $100)

Astros 2:1 +200 (Bet $100 to win $200)

Rangers 6:1 +600 (Bet $100 to win $600)

Field (any other team) 10:1 +1000 (Bet $100 to win $1000)

Note: If Clemens does not sign and remains retired for 2006 MLB season all bets are deemed 'no action'

Within the last month, has posted odds for the Duke Lacrosse player DNA matches and trial outcomes; with which team member or coach Terrell Owens would have his first confrontation this season; whether Reggie Bush would be stripped of the Heisman; even whether or not Shaun Alexander would suffer from the “Madden Curse.”

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