Big NBA card today + MLB/NHL action

Across all sports over the last three and a half months, we are 109 games above .500 for a bankroll increase of 21.5%. Today in NBA Playoffs action, I have a big day on tap with 11 premium selectionsGet today's NBA picks here. On the diamond over the last two weeks, my picks have been good for a $452 gain. Today I look to add to our gains with seven MLB picks. My MLB picks are ready for you here. In the NHL over the last four months, we have added $4,256 to our bankroll.  I have another selection on today's NHL Playoffs action. Get today's NHL play here. My Parlay Club sits at 30 games up (57-27, 68%) over the last two months for +$1,251. My Dog's Parlay Club steps up to the plate again today with a trio of premium selections. Get today's Parlay Club picks here.

I have used several sports picks services. Your company is by far the best. Your customer service kicks ass on all of the others and your web site is put together top notch. I am looking forward to subscribing to the MLB Season Package.
Chris Hatton, Homewood, CA

I just finished reading over your site and I must tell you that I am very impressed. Your philosophy on baseball and the story it tells is right on the money. Your "stars" method and "winning feels like losing" is great. I plan on reading your newsletters as often as possible and in a week or so, buy a month of baseball picks. Keep doing what you are doing and I feel that you will be able to help me. Thanks, Nick
Nick C, Columbus, OH

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Free WNBA Picks and Predictions

If you are not betting the WNBA, you should be! The WNBA doesn't get the same exposure and media coverage that the other professional sports do. As a result, I am often asked "why do you even bother making WNBA picks when no one even watches the games?"

My reply is always the same: that's exactly why I do it! You see, it is the job of the sportsbooks to get the same amount of bets on either side of the game. No matter the sport or the bet, the sportsbooks want half of the bettors to play UNDER, and the other half to play the OVER for example. To accomplish this goal, the sportsbooks will move the line a little bit in either direction to try and get the same amount of bets on both sides.

Well what does that have to do with WNBA basketball picks? Everything! In order to get more players to bet on WNBA games, the oddsmakers will "shade" the lines to make betting the games more appealing. This results in "soft" lines that can be exploited to turn huge profits. I've been doing it successfully with my premium and free WNBA picks for years.

I am able to take full advantage of the fact that WNBA games get overlooked by the sports betting public and don't get the full attention of the sportsbooks. This makes profitable situations easy to spot - if you know what you're looking for. Now let's be honest for a second. I'm not saying that I hunker down on the couch on Saturday night to catch a WNBA game. I probably couldn't tell you who the MVP was last season, but what I can tell you is that I know how to read the lines and know WNBA situations well enough to make sound educated decisions to predict the winners of WNBA games. I attack the WNBA lines with the same scrutiny and vigor that I do in any other sport. I won't skimp out just because the sportsbooks and oddsmakers do.

Another great reason to bet on WNBA games is the timing of the season itself. Once March Madness wraps up, the NBA and NHL Finals are in the books, there is only MLB to tide us over to the next NFL season. So unless you enjoy the summer doldrums, betting the WNBA can be a great way to occupy your time - not to mention the fact that you can build your bankroll for the NFL season in the fall.

How do I get the most out of my picks? We start with the lack of public interest in playing on the WNBA. Most players make the mistake of focusing on other sports and that is a huge benefit to WNBA players that are looking for an edge in sports wagering. I know that the general public is keeping their betting interests on the NBA and other sports and that drives up the value of its betting lines. I know how to utilize these higher-value lines to win and only releases WNBA picks that give my subscribers the best chance of winning. More value means a higher return of your investment. Isn't that what we're all really after anyway?

So what's not to like about the WNBA? There is great basketball action and most of all there is tremendous value and money to be made. Get on board with Wunderdog Sports and watch your winning percentage soar. Start now with well-written, detailed write-ups and free WNBA picks delivered each day directly to your email.

Prior MLB Baseball Picks


St. Louis at Milwaukee
Saturday 04/25 07:10 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Milwaukee +136 (moneyline) (risk 1.5 to win 2.04)

The St. Louis Cardinals always feel like they have a sense of entitlement when Adam Wainwright takes to the mound, at least in terms of the win column. He is off to a 2-1 start,...


Atlanta at Philadelphia
Saturday 04/25 07:05 PM Eastern

1 unit on Philadelphia +108 (moneyline) (risk 1 to win 1.08)

After unloading a lot of talent over the winter, the Atlanta Braves had low expectations while they go into rebuilding mode. They started quickly, but the lack of talent and exp...


Boston at Baltimore
Saturday 04/25 07:05 PM Eastern

1 unit on Baltimore -107 (moneyline) (risk 1 to win 0.93)

The Red Sox developed Justin Masterson, but then he went to Cleveland, and Boston has him back again. He is off to a 2-0 start, but that has not been a product of how he has pit...


Minnesota at Seattle
Friday 04/24 10:10 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Minnesota +178 (moneyline) (risk 1.5 to win 2.67)

The Seattle Mariners have to like their chances of winning when Felix Hernandez takes the ball. That may be true, and as good as he has been in his career, the Mariners are just...


St. Louis at Milwaukee
Friday 04/24 08:10 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Milwaukee +133 (moneyline) (risk 1.5 to win 2.00)

This is the fourth straight road game for St. Louis. The Cardinals are 1-5 as a road favorite of -110 to -150, as well as 0-6 away against a team with a home winning percentage ...


Kansas City at Chicago
Friday 04/24 08:10 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Chicago -106 (moneyline) (risk 1.5 to win 1.42)

Kansas City got off to a great start but is 5-4 over the last nine. Emotions will be a little on edge tonight as Thursday's game featured a benches-clearing brawl that led to fi...

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I can tell you something that's real truth about a guy in Texas that is me. I try sooo hard to study and figure-and all that and sometimes I am right but since I have been with this service I have done so much better. I know its hard to lose but if you will follow this program I promise you WILL win. I mean this and I am hardheaded as hell. JUST DO IT!!!
Don Weiler, Houston TX

Thanks Wunderdog! Since you became a part in my life I have become a winner. Thank you. Keep the success going!!!!
Matt M., Green Bay, WI

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