Your Horse bet tips have been top shelf....Thank you.... I am retired on a fixed in come...So I am not a big better.....My wife would Elain Bobbitt me if i did...But just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you....Sincerely....Jim (James) Thompson
Jim Thompson, Sanford, FL

Nice picks. you are unbelievable when handicaping fast dirt tracks. another observation: in many of your races, I noticed that the winner is invariably one of your first two picks. how you do it is beyond me. best regards,
rigambler - paul, Pawtucket, RI

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Horse Racing Picks

Simply put, horse handicapping is the art of predicting horses who have the greatest chance of winning a race. And no one does it better than Wunderdog Sports. The Sport of Kings has had a home here since I started making picks and it takes a keen eye and (ahem) horse sense to pick winners in one of the oldest wagering sports on earth. Not only do I scour the daily racing forms to find an edge, I also take into consideration the track conditions, breeding, and even the horse's body language when formulating my horse racing picks. In addition, I also weigh other factors when making my horse racing tips including speed, pace, form, class and post position. Speed is pretty easy to explain, as the horse that runs the fastest generally wins more races. But there is a bit more to it than that as I look at training races and "speed figures" to determine which animal has the best chance of winning a race. Pace is perhaps one of the strongest determining factors in horse handicapping. Pace is used to determine the running style of each horse and whether they are a front runner, stalker, presser, or closer. Each style is very different and can go a long way to determine who goes to the winner's circle, as certain track conditions vastly favor different styles of runners. Also keep in mind that the jockey piloting the horse has a lot to do with the pace of the animal, and I factor that too.

Another great tactic in picking racing winners is the form of the race horse. Form is simply an "eye test." If you see that a horse ran well in a previous outing or training session, chances are that they are in good form for a repeat performance. You probably wouldn't but a college baseball pitcher in to pitch to the New York Yankees lineup. The same goes for horse racing and that is the "class" of the horse. There are different levels of racing where class becomes a huge factor as faster horses tend to race against faster and slower vs. slower. So you wouldn't put a slower overall horse in against a crew of fireballs and hope to come out ahead, right? Post position is another mitigating factor in handicapping the horses. The horse that is placed on the outside of the track has a longer distance to travel than the racers nearer to the rail (inside). Now this may sound pretty elementary, but it is a huge factor that can vastly affect the outcome of the races. With all that said, there are still numerous other factors to consider. To see all of these in practice, sign up for my free horse racing picks, judge for yourself and we'll meet up in the winner's circle! I have changed with the times, and have incorporated parts of all of these factors into my selection process as well as others with my horse racing picks. They are all tools, and like all tools they can build or destroy. The only one I would put well above the others is my knowledge of what I see every day. Since I do this EVERY day, I find it second nature to view as many as 50 to 80 races each afternoon. Some I may look at as many as 3 or 4 times to find that hidden nuances that would escape the average viewer. I take extensive trip notes, track bias notes, post position & hot and cold trainer and rider combinations. All of these elements are necessary in arriving at a sound, logical selection process. I do this for others just as diligently as I do it for myself. As important as all of the new information available to the horseplayer, are the wagers themselves.

In that long ago era mentioned above, the only exotic wager available was the daily double and maybe a tri-fecta on the final race of the card. Now the possibilities are endless. I incorporate win bets, exactas, trifectas and pick-3's and an occasional pick-4 into our wagering strategy with our horse handicapping picks & tips. Again the key is to use your knowledge of handicapping to correctly assess what type of wagering strategy fit's the situation best. Most of my daily selections come from major tracks from around the country. This includes tracks running now such as Aqueduct in New York, Keeneland/ Churchill Downs in Kentucky, Finger Lakes in upstate New York, which is a track I love to bet on and any other racing venue where I feel a potential winning play can be spotted. In my wagering strategies, I give you suggested amounts for every play I makeon my horse handicapping picks. This is just a guideline. Each day when I post my results, they are based on the exact amounts which I have stated.

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I have to tell you that the vast majority of the sports touts that sell their picks would not really care if one of their packages was a loser. You, on the other hand, truly care about your customers and also your reputation. I would like to commend you on your high values and would like to say that you are the only person that I would buy picks from. Keep up the excellent work!
Raj B, Boston, MA

Mr Dog, I have tried so many handicappers it is unbelievable. I have never been happy with any of them because they lie about their winning records and just take your money. You are the first handicapper that has been honest, proven your winning record by posting honest results daily not lying about how many winners you had and getting the picks out in a timely manner. I am sure there are going to be losing streaks but I really believe I have found the only hndicapper that can produce winners and profit over the long haul. Thanks. Ted
Ted F., Knoxville, TN

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