You have made a believer out of me. With your help, I have gone from a losing season, to a winning season, since I enlisted your services. I am up over $1000.00 in winnings over the last two weeks! Not only that, but since last week, (a winning week), did not win by as much as you wanted it to, you are giving me a free week of premium picks, Fantastic! I will definitely be signing on for the full season next year. Thank you wunderdog.
Ken Casey, Spartanburg, SC

When you read Wunderdog's analysis, you won't find things like "Get my baseball pick of the year", "Get my guaranteed 5 star NCAA pick", or even crazier, "I've got my Monday Night Football Game of the Year", when it's week 0000003. Dog simply tells it like it is, analyzing current and past trends along with how teams are playing today. I'm not saying the Dog will win 80% of the time, I'm saying the Dog will win. Underdog always came through, and so does Wunderdog!!!

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NCAA College Basketball Picks

So you love college basketball. Now you’ve decided to put your money where your passion is to make “things interesting” and wager on college hoops. I’ll bet you’re looking for a reliable source for college basketball picks. Welcome to Wunderdog Sports! The passion of college hoops is second to none and the fans are as ravenously loyal to their teams as in any other sports. I too share that passion for college basketball. Having gone to a pair of Division I schools (University of Colorado and Northwestern), I understand what life is like on campus and have the personal experience on which to base my NCAA basketball picks.

I also know that with such fierce loyalties, novice bettors can sometimes break the cardinal rule of sports betting: never bet with your heart, always bet with your head. The bottom line in this situation is never let your emotions get the best of you, resulting in betting over your head.

It’s a hard to take yourself out of your college basketball allegiances and make the correct call. That’s where I come in. I use raw data and statistics to formulate a system for NCAA college basketball picks that takes out all the guesswork. You can leave you emotions at the door and leave the tough calls to me.

By signing up to receive my free advice on college hoops games, you will not only will you my great picks you will also get game analysis and insights which include: statistics, power ratings, trends, momentum, and player injury reports. You will also have access to how-to guides for betting against the spread (ATS), moneyline, as well as over/under (totals) selections.

From Midnight Madness to the Final Four, I deliver high-quality, concise, and clear NCAA picks. One factor that often gets overlooked in playing college hoops games is simply the time of the year when the games are played. Through years of experience and research, I can help make the best selections throughout the season, as player and coach intensity varies from the college hoops regular season, conference play, and of course the NCAA Tournament, NIT and all other postseason action.

Speaking of the postseason, it goes without saying that the NCAA Tournament is huge. When it comes to the Final Four, very few other sporting events can captivate the attention of the entire country as everyone jockeys to fill out their brackets. For most people, trying to navigate through a 64-team tournament field can be a daunting, if not impossible to make heads or tails of – so let me do it for you! Every season I release a completed tournament bracket that you can use for all of your office pools and “friendly” competitions. I employ the same dedication to research to make my bracket selections as my daily picks, so let me be your secret weapon when it comes to tournament time.

At the end of the day, Wunderdog Sports is your no-nonsense, go-to guy when it comes to all things college basketball. Where higher learning meets higher earning, Wunderdog Sports is the key!

For more great free picks and advice, check out Predictem's basketball picks.

Prior College Basketball Picks


Kentucky vs. Connecticut
Monday 04/07 09:10 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Connecticut +3 (-115) (risk 1.5 to win 1.30)

Any UConn doubters still out there? The Huskies first took care of #2 seed Villanova, then #3 seed Iowa State, only to be rewarded with a matchup against Michigan State – a team...


Kentucky vs. Wisconsin
Saturday 04/05 08:45 PM Eastern

0.5 unit on Wisconsin +1.5 (-110) (risk 0.5 to win 0.45)

Wisconsin is not getting the respect they deserve. They are the higher seeded team instilled as an underdog here. But the Badgers are hot at the right time, having won 12 of the...


Fresno State at Siena
Saturday 04/05 11:30 AM Eastern

0.5 unit on Fresno State +2 (-162) (risk 0.5 to win 0.45)

Siena isn't even able to play this game on their normal home court because of an expo that's in town. Both of Siena's home games in this finals will be played at Alumni Recreati...


Minnesota vs. SMU
Thursday 04/03 07:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on Minnesota +3 (-105) (risk 1 to win 0.95)

Southern Methodist is the sexy team playing int he NIT finals, and the one that most thought should have been in the NCAA tournament. They were rewarded with three straight home...


Yale at Murray State
Thursday 04/03 07:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on Yale +7.5 (-105) (risk 1 to win 0.95)

You don't often see an Ivy League team making a deep run in the postseason, but Yale has certainly done very well in the CIT. The Bulldogs had the deck stacked against them as t...


Pacific at Murray State
Tuesday 04/01 09:00 PM Eastern

2 units on Murray State -250 (moneyline) (risk 2 to win 0.80)

The Murray State Racers have enjoyed time in the NCAA tournament in recent years, but lost almost all their scoring and rebounding from their team a year ago. As expected, they ...

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March Madness Matchups: North Carolina v. ...

Talk about a strange season for the North Carolina Tarheels. UNC started out looking alright, but the team hit a huge rough patch in December. They were so bad that people were literally shocked with they were able to go into the Breslin Center and top Michigan State in a...  

March Madness Matchups: Texas v. Arizona S...

Michigan and Wisconsin are the primary draws in the Milwaukee pod, but Texas and Arizona State are also there, giving this particular site some real star power. The Longhorns and Sun Devils match up in a 7-10 game, where ASU will try to pull the small upset. The Devils come...  

March Madness Matchups: Oklahoma State v. ...

Out in the West region in a game played in San Diego, Oklahoma State will undoubtedly be the darling of the tournament. The Cowboys have had an up and down year, and they lost a number of games before, during, and after the suspension of star guard Marcus Smart. Most...  

March Madness Handicapping: Does it Matter...

As you are making college basketball picks, one of the things that you might be looking at is how a team performed in its conference tourney. After all, isn’t the conference tourney a great time to show a team’s stuff? Wouldn’t you expect that teams that play well in conference...  

March Madness Picks: Does Good Guard Play ...

There are some things in the world of March Madness that might be considered “truths” among the masses. Among these truths is the feeling that if a team has good guard play, then that team will be a winner in the tourney. The implication here is that forward and center...  

2014 NCAA Tourney Teams That Have Good Value

Welcome to the Big Dance! As we are set to tip off this year’s NCAA tournament, take a look at some insight I’ve put together. Today I release part one of a two-part series detailing good and bad value teams in this year’s NCAA tournament. Tomorrow’s installment will delve into...  

March Madness Handicapping: On Officiating...

Officials will inevitably play a major role in determining the outcome of many tournament games. Simply put, officials control the pace of play, and they have an opportunity to blow their whistle each time down the floor. In the tournament, they are especially important, and it is mostly because the...  

March Madness Betting: How is the Tourname...

The NCAA Tournament is much different from the regular season, and as a bettor, you need to realize this. As you make your March Madness betting picks, you cannot simply treat the situation as if it is another regular season game. You have to take into account how the specific...  

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You guys are the best. You guys are absolutely unreal. Your picks are the best around. A lot of my picks are the same as yours and as soon as I see you like what I like its for sure.
Jim Hayes, Illinois

You are unbelievable in this tourney. you are definitely the best capper out there. i am putting word out in northeast about you to all my friends. i tried a couple of others but you run a very professional and personable business. thank you.
Dan Baldwin, New Haven, CT

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