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MLB +60.7%, NL Wild Card today

Our MLB bankroll is up +60.7% over the course of the season, that works out to +$6,070 for $100 players on the season. Today I'm back on the postseason diamond with one play form the National League Wild Card game. 

Across all sports, we are 190 games over .500 over the last 10 months for a +46.7% bankroll lift (+$4,670 for $100 players).

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Matchups & Computer Predictions

NFL Football

Matchups & Computer Predictions

Thu Oct, 2 2014 Game  
8:25pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers view matchup »
Sun Oct, 5 2014 Game  
1:00pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans view matchup »
1:00pm EDT St. Louis Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Dallas Cowboys view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Detroit Lions view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts view matchup »

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NFL Office Pool Picks

College Football

Matchups & Computer Predictions

Thu Oct, 2 2014 Game  
7:00pm EDT Florida Atlantic Owls @ Florida Intl Golden Panthers view matchup »
7:00pm EDT Central Florida Knights @ Houston Cougars view matchup »
10:30pm EDT Arizona Wildcats @ Oregon Ducks view matchup »
Fri Oct, 3 2014 Game  
7:00pm EDT Louisville Cardinals @ Syracuse Orange view matchup »
10:00pm EDT San Diego State Aztecs @ Fresno State Bulldogs view matchup »
10:15pm EDT Utah State Aggies @ BYU Cougars view matchup »
Sat Oct, 4 2014 Game  
12:00pm EDT Purdue Boilermakers @ Illinois Fighting Illini view matchup »
12:00pm EDT Ohio State Buckeyes @ Maryland Terrapins view matchup »

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